Gordon A. Barker

The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser, May 18, 1877
The Unique Variety Troupe will give two entertainments this and to-morrow evenings. The energetic agent, Mr. G. W. Gordon, who was for some time manager of the Queen's Theatre, arrived about a week since, and lost no time in making himself known, and doing all that was necessary for the appearance of his troupe. The company is spoken of as being very good. Mr. Gordon A. Barker is clever in his temple of magic, and the dancing of Corry Price is pronounced as far above thie average. There are several other artists of note; and altogether the entertainment should be well worth the price charged 2s. and ls.

Manaro Mercury and Cooma and Bombala Advertiser, August 28, 1878barker
Gordon Barker and Taylor's Combination Troupe.
On Saturday night, the attendance at Mrs. Hain's Royal Assembly Rooms was not good, which is probably owing to the numerous entertainments that have recently been presented; notwithstanding tho paucity of numbers, the performers went through the programme with great care and spirit. Mr. Gordon Barker commenced with the feats of legerdemain: he obtained the assistance
of several of the audience, and performed some clever illusions, all of which were applauded. In the cage trick, the deception is perfect, and those present testified most strongly their wonder. But the question is mooted; Does Mr. Barker kill the little bird? It would be so much nicer, people say, if they felt sure he did not crush the sparrow. There is a feat of steadiness with two tumblers of water that Mr. Barker goes through splendidly. Mr. Herbert Taylor is an excellent pianist, and can give some capital songs; he plays the whole of the evening. On of the most eccentric negros in existence is Mr. Lance Montague; he has 'dancing on the brain', and will astonish anybody with his steps. On Saturday night, the entertainment concluded with the farce of 'The 4 o'clock Train', well placed on the stage.
The concluding entertainment of tho Barker and Taylor Combination Troupe was given on Monday night, to a better, but still poor, audience. Mr. Barker in his Temple of Magic, gave greater proofs of his illusionary powers. In his pianoforte selections and solos, Mr. Taylor was also popular. The breakdowns and negro comicalities of Lance Montague found considerable favor. Deserving of better support, the troupe was in all respects. Two gentlemen from the audience tied Mr. Barker firmly to a chair on Monday night with 15 feet of rope, and he released himself in a very short space of time.

Manaro Mercury and Cooma and Bombala Advertiser, August 31, 1878
Gordon and Barker's Combination Troupe will give their entertainment of mirth, music, and magic at Mr. Gaulway's hotel, Seymour, on Monday and Tuesday next. Adaminaby folk should pay them a visit.