Wizards of the North, South, East and West!

One of the  great curses of the magic history researcher is the plethora of performers titling themselves “The Wizard of the North/ South/ East/ West” and some of them all four. The more ambitious wizards were “The Wizard of the World”.
Alongside the magicians calling themselves Signor Blitz, these pests obfuscate and frustrate.

Many of these would be rank amateurs or performers who stuck their heads up in front of an audience on few occasions. Other more professional artists, such as Monsieur Du Pree or John Henry Anderson, may have had a valid claim on the title.

The difficulty with such billing is that, frequently, there is no other name attached to the performer’s advertising, and so we are left to try and decipher, or guess, which magician it might actually be. This page will try to list some of these miscreants!

Monsieur Du Pree Wizard of the South from 1836

Antonio de Hesperio Wizard of the South, 1842

Khi Kan Kruse Wizard of the North, 1844

Dr. Charles Meymott portraying the character of the ‘Wizard of the North’, 1848

Mr W.C. Wainwright Wizard of the South, Melbourne, January 1849

Chas. Jingle Wizard of the South, briefly seen in Geelong, Victoria, in June 1850

Signor Blitz  possibly Mr. Hall, Wizard of the South, in Sydney and Maitland (NSW) areas 1852 - 1853

W. D. Ford Wizard of both North and South, at the same time in Sydney July 1852!

Mr. Hall Wizard of the South, New South Wales between 1853 - 1867

Professor Le Berg, the Great Wizard of the South, October 1853 for an extremely limited season.

Professor Horace Sidney Wizard of the South, in Sydney 1854 and Victoria to 1856

Berkeley Lennox Wizard of the South. 1853 in Melbourne to late 1856. Some of Lennox’s advertising does not state his name but his tours in the same region confirm him as the artist.

James Eagle Wizard of the North South East and West, and the Wizard of the World, 1856

Sander Wizard of the East, 1857

Professor Franzheim, Wizard of the South, Sydney and Illawarra 1857 - 1861

Charles Henry Rignold Wizard of the North East South and West, also the “Wizard of Australia” 1858

Professor Hermann - Wizard of the World, 1859

Herr Arnold, the great Wizard of the South c. 1862 in Sydney

Joseph Gardiner Wizard of the Antipodes from around 1862

Joe Miller, Wizard of the North South East and West (though probably as a comic characterisation). Bendgo 1862

Thomas Carr, Wizard of the South 1864 Victoria

Professor Hennicke Wizard of the East, 1866 Brisbane, Queensland. He had, at least, toured in China and India.

Grace Egerton female Wizard of the East, 1866 and 1874

H.B. Lees Wizard of the South 1872 NSW

Gordon A.Barker Wizard of the South 1878-79, Sydney NSW

John Henry Anderson

Wizard of the NNE and SSW crop

Even in 1860 the lack of originality shown by “Wizards” was regarded as a joke. [The Star, Ballarat, May 1860]